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If you are selling a home, you will get the highest price in the shortest time if your home is in top condition. Plus, you want to find out about any hidden problems before your house goes on the market. Almost all sales contracts include the condition that the contract is contingent upon completion of a satisfactory home inspection. This is known as the home inspection contingency. Buyers will insist on a professional home inspection performed by an inspector they will hire. If the buyers home inspector finds a problem, it can cause the buyer to get cold feet and the deal can often fall through. At best, surprise problems uncovered by the buyers home inspector will cause delays in closing, and usually you will have to pay for repairs at the last minute, or take a lower price on your home.

You can also benefit from simply offering certain items as is. Often you can negotiate with a buyer to accept items in the current condition by stipulating that they are reflected in the purchase price. But that same buyer may walk away from the deal if the conditions come as a surprise after an offer has already been made. If the home is inspected before the house goes on the market you will be aware of the condition of the house before an offer is made. There won't be any surprises and the deal is far less likely to fall apart. It takes a lot of effort to get a sales agreement signed in the first place. If the home inspection turns up problems, the buyer will want to negotiate a new deal and that second sales agreement is usually even harder to get done than the first one.

By having a pre-listing home inspection done you can identify problems early. Then either correct them or present them as is, helping that first offer you accept to move quickly and smoothly to closing without delays or costly surprises.